Coronavirus Update

April 12th 2021

The shop is now back open for you to pop in as normal!

If you're purchasing your usual items then please send us a message with your order and we can have it ready for when you arrive. This will speed things up and ultimately keep you and our staff that little bit safer.

If you need to get in touch, please message us on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.





New to E-Cigarettes? Experienced vaper?

Our team have been involved with e-cigarettes since the early days and since our establishment in 2011 we have gained a depth of knowledge that can rarely be rivalled. Our expertise allows us to engage with a customer on a level like no other and ensure that once they decide to start using an e-cigarette, they stick with it. We also cater for the most experienced vapers too, we have something for everyone at Easy Smoke!


Thinking of quitting tobacco?

Rather than traditional methods of quitting tobacco such as nicotine replacement or even just stopping, e-cigarettes are quickly proving to be the ultimate method in getting away from those horrible cigarettes.

An e-cigarette works both physically and psychologically with a user. The combined dosage of nicotine and visual vapor as the device is used makes an e-cigarette as close as you'll get to the real thing and we believe this is the key to success.

The Benefits

An e-cigarette offers a "double whammy" as we like to say. The most important thing is the health aspect, huge amounts of research and studies into e-cigarettes prove that the health benefits are massive. Public Health England have estimated that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco.

The second benefit aside from health are the financial savings. You can typically expect to spend 90% less on an e-cigarette.

The Facts

There are many myths and scare stories associated with e-cigarettes which will put many people off the idea, but by reading the facts and doing a little research you can easily find the truth behind it all.

We've rounded up the main facts and pieces of information that are relevant so that you can easily see why e-cigarettes are being used by millions of people in the UK alone.


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