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Frequently Asked Questions

The following collection of questions are the most commonly asked at Easy Smoke. We've tried to explain things as simple as possible so as to help you make a decision on whether to start using an e-cigarette or learn more. If you have a question and can't find an answer, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Much of the information below can be found and is sourced from Wikipedia.

How do I start?

Starting with an e-cigarette can seem daunting but with the right advice and guidance we can get you setup easily.

We recommend visiting our shop to discuss it face-to-face but we can always help out over the phone, email or social media.

We will typically ask a few questions about the type of smoker you are such as what brand of cigarette, how many you smoke per day and use the information to determine what e-cigarette device and liquid to provide you. Once we've chosen a setup we will then spend as much time as possible to ensure you fully understand the way that the e-cigarette works, how to maintain it and what to do in order to keep it running as smooth as possible. This will only usually take around 5 minutes.

Once you're setup you can be assured that we are easily available to assist with any further questions or issues.

How much will it cost me?

Your first e-cigarette kit will typically cost around £20. That'll get you an e-cigarette device, liquids and accessories that can keep you supplied for up to 3 weeks.

Some people like to choose a different kit to start with which can cost more, for example £30 would get you a better device that provides more of a powerful hit and can overall work out cheaper in the long run.

Once you've purchased a kit there are monthly running costs associated with it and this can run anywhere from £10-20 per month. The atomizer/tank will either need replacing every 2-3 weeks or a coil/atomizer inside a more premium tank would need replacing in around the same time frame. These are always available and cost as little as £2 each.

Don't worry about any technical jargon or terms, we will fully explain everything you need to know.

What's in the liquid?

This is the easy bit. You'll hear endless stories of e-liquids containing chemicals and cancer causing substances. It's false. Below is what a typical e-liquid will contain:

(VG) Vegetable Glycerin - Commonly found in foods and cosmetic products is a product from plant oils and other natural sources

(PG) Propylene Glycol - Also a product that is developed for food-grade use and can be found in coffee based drinks, dairy products and soda amongst other uses.

Nicotine - This is the addictive substance commonly found in tobacco products but is naturally sourced and produced for use in e-liquids. An e-liquid can contain varying levels of nicotine and is commonly measured in mg, for example a liquid may contain 18mg/ml.

Flavourings - Flavourings are what give you the taste when using an e-cigarette. The most common flavours are tobacco and menthol but you'll find a huge range of fruity, creamy, tangy flavours that seem endless!

I have asthma, can I still use one?

If you are asthmatic, an e-cigarette can work for you. We have found that the nicotine levels we usually recommend may need to be lowered as the combined vapor/nicotine hit can cause coughing.

In previous cases we have started asthmatic e-cigarette users on a 0mg/ml or 3mg/ml e-liquid and we've had great results in doing this.

Do they blow up?

This is a question we hear all the time, or rather than a question we will get told this quite regularly! The truth is that if an e-cigarette is properly maintained, cleaned and the correct charging procedures are used then you are very unlikely to have any problems.

Many of the scare stories about e-cigarettes blowing up, setting on fire and causing injuries are actually caused by more advanced devices where the user builds their own coils, uses their own batteries (that are typically in bad condition) or they simply haven't been shown the do's and don'ts.

Any electronic device could potentially cause problems like this such as mobile phones, laptops e.t.c. We don't really hear about those scare stories because it's a common household item and e-cigarettes are a new, controversial (to some) product.

Cant find what you're looking for?

If you cannot find an answer to any question you have, please contact us. We will be happy to answer a question or discuss e-cigarettes in more detail with you.

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